A Bedroom for Every Stage of Life

As your child grows older, it's essential to provide them with a space where they can retreat, unwind, and flourish. But how do you create a delightful bedroom that suits every stage of your child's life? We offer you advice for all three phases.

A Colorful Nursery

Paint comes in various types and, most importantly, in a multitude of COLORS. So, what should you consider when choosing the perfect paint for your nursery? First and foremost, it’s essential to use paint that is safe for you and your child. Water-based paint and lacquer are excellent examples of this. They do not contain any turpentine or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This choice is not only better for your baby and yourself but also for the environment.

The most delightful part of creating a nursery is, of course, selecting the right color combination. Each combination has a different effect on the parents and their child. Soft colors, for instance, provide a soothing effect on both parent and baby.

To complete the nursery, you can add even more color through colorful accessories. Consider opting for a vibrant lamp, a vintage chair, and countless other accessories that will add the perfect finishing touches to your baby’s room. However, be mindful not to create too many color disparities with the accessories as it can lead to a restless atmosphere.

A Cheerful Adventurous Room for Your Toddler

Color is one of the most essential mood-setters in a bedroom, and as your children grow older, you can incorporate even more color into their room. You might consider working with bolder colors and fun themes. Alternatively, you can introduce fun accents using L’Authentique chalkboard paint, where your little creative genius can express all their creativity. You may also choose to add an extra dimension to the room by combining paint and wallpaper.

A Safe Haven for Your Teenager

As your children grow older, they prefer to spend as much time as possible in their bedrooms. For teenagers, their bedroom becomes a safe haven where they can unwind and develop their own personalities. Allow your teenager to be part of the decision-making process for how their room will look. Teenagers often have a modern and minimalist taste. For instance, consider painting all the walls white, except for the longest one, which can be a flesh-tone color to create depth and serenity in the room. You’ll be amazed at what your teenager can come up with.

If you decide to give the bedroom a new style, don’t forget about the wardrobe and bed. These can easily be repainted using our L’Authentique matte paint, which can be applied within minutes. You can do it yourself, but involving your teenager in the process will be beneficial. After all, the skills they learn now will serve them well in the future.

To complete the teenager’s room, you can choose to create a cool effect with our concrete-look paint. This way, the room will have a unique touch compared to all the other standard bedrooms. Alternatively, you can opt for a mirror to visually enlarge the space or even go for a plant that enhances air quality and oxygen.

Need Help or Advice in Creating a New Kids’ Room?

Is your child also ready for a new kids’ room? We’d be delighted to help you create the room that suits your child. Whether you need advice or want to give your child’s room a new look but don’t know where to start, contact us through our social media channels or email us at info@lauthentique.nl. Embrace your creativity, especially in these times, and give your child’s room a fresh style.