Applying the L’Authentique Exterior Paint

In this blog, we provide you with 5 tips on how you can fully enjoy the colors of L’Authentique even outdoors.

Choose the Perfect Color for Your Window Frames and Facade

When it comes to selecting the right colors, several factors come into play. Personally, I believe it’s essential for the colors to complement the architecture of the house. Additionally, I consider whether the color for the facade and window frames harmonizes with the colors used inside. This way, you bring the indoors outdoors and create a unified look.

Color gives a house personality. For example, white window frames or a facade can make the house appear larger, while darker frames or facade add an elegant touch. Soft earthy tones are currently in vogue, such as sandy shades, clay, olive, and khaki colors.

L’Authentique offers exterior paints in over 130 different colors, ensuring there’s always a perfect match for your house and personal taste.

Which Color Suits Your Window Frames Best?

In addition to the facade color, it’s crucial to consider the color of the roof tiles and the surroundings.

If your house has a brick facade, you have a wide range of colors to choose from. For painted facades, it’s important to find the right match. You can opt for a contrasting look, such as a dark-colored facade with light window frames, or vice versa. Alternatively, you can choose colors that belong to the same color palette. For instance, a light gray facade with dark gray window frames.

However, be cautious as not every shade of gray complements each other. Always choose colors with the same underlying hue. For a harmonious appearance, you can also use the same color for the doors as the window frames.

Exterior Paint or Limewash?

Our exterior paint is a matte finish that can be applied effortlessly on brick and concrete surfaces. It effectively seals the surface and protects the facade against various weather conditions. If your house is older or has moisture-related issues, our Limewash paint might be a better choice. This breathable paint allows for moisture regulation while providing a charming finish.

Of course, Limewash paint is suitable for new houses as well.

Consider Potential (Optical) Differences

The surrounding environment can influence the perception of color. For example, a color may appear lighter outside due to the influence of sunlight. Hence, it’s advisable not to view the color samples in bright sunlight. Also, keep in mind that a paint color on a small sample may look darker than when applied to a larger surface.

Important Considerations

Color selection is often made using color samples, which allow for easy comparison and quicker decision-making. However, it’s essential to note that color samples provide only an indication of the actual color, and no rights can be derived from them.

The average coverage of all our paint types ranges from 8 to 10 square meters per liter of paint. This calculation enables you to estimate the required amount of paint accurately, ensuring you never over-purchase. Our colors are available in 1-liter, 2.5-liter, and 5-liter containers. When using multiple containers of the same color, slight variations may occur due to the use of natural pigments. Ensure you have enough paint and mix any leftover paint together. Avoid starting midway through the surface with a new container of paint.

The final result greatly depends on the application method, the amount of paint used, and the surface condition.