Choosing the Right Paint Color

When it comes to choosing a paint color, have you ever wondered why it can look entirely different in your home compared to the image you saw in a magazine or on Instagram, even if you purchased the exact same color and paint?

Types of light

Light surrounds us everywhere, especially more so during spring than in winter. This has a direct impact on our emotions, daily life, and how we perceive things. You might not be consciously aware, but daylight, artificial light, and sunlight significantly influence us.

Given that we spend a considerable amount of time indoors, shaping our space with light becomes essential. The design of your home determines how light enters, along with its orientation to the sun. Areas near windows receive ample sunlight and brightness, while spots deprived of direct sunlight can appear darker, even with the same color.

Additionally, light changes throughout the day, seasons, and the sun’s position. Fortunately, we have significant control over the color and texture in our homes, enabling us to utilize light to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Light and the effect of color

Colors can manipulate the amount of light in a room. Light colors have a reflective quality, while dark colors absorb light. As a result, light determines the final appearance of a color through reflection and absorption. The most significant contrast exists between black and white. Moreover, smooth surfaces reflect more light than a fabric sofa.

The interaction of light and dark contributes to the sense of depth for us, making it more complicated to rely solely on white in a room with limited natural light. The key lies in finding the right contrast and striking a beautiful balance to establish a comfortable living space.

The influence of light on your color

To truly understand how a color behaves in a particular space, it’s essential to observe it at different times of the day to see how light affects it. The following setup allows you to witness the transformative power of light throughout the day.

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