Concrete Look Paint

Are you looking to give your home a fresh new look? Then Concrete Look Paint might be just what you need. The Concrete Look Paint from L'Authentique adds a unique touch to walls and home accessories, providing them with a distinctive appearance.

Concrete look on your wall?

When applying the paint to a wall, ensure that the surface is dry and solid. Additionally, the wall should not be highly absorbent and must be clean. If the surface is (highly) absorbent, it’s essential to treat it first with a reliable L’Authentique primer. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly before proceeding with painting. In case of grease or other impurities, clean them with a degreaser before use. While using the paint, try to minimize stirring to achieve an authentic concrete look.

Is the wall completely clean? Then, apply a layer of L’Authentique Betonlook Primer with a roller or brush to create a solid foundation. Afterward, you can apply the paint with the corresponding brush. Depending on the desired outcome, you can work the paint in a crisscross pattern or in straight lines, using a large or small brush, and adjusting the amount of Betonlook Paint accordingly.

Concrete look on wood?

Absolutely possible! Just like with walls, remove any grease and impurities first using L’Authentique paint cleaner. Next, lightly sand the surface and wipe it clean with water before using the paint. Remember to stir the paint as little as possible.

Then, apply a thin layer of L’Authentique Betonlook Primer with a roller or brush on the wood. For a beautiful result, apply the paint thinly. If you prefer a more opaque finish, achieve this by using multiple layers of paint. The final step is to apply the paint with the appropriate brush. Similar to walls, you can choose to work the paint crisscross or in straight lines.

Important considerations:

The Betonlook paint contains natural pigments, which may lead to slight color variations between batches. The color sample serves as a reference only. It’s advisable to order a tester first and create a test patch. As colors may vary, it’s crucial to ensure you have enough paint. If you have any leftover paint, mix it together. Don’t open a new paint can halfway through the project, as the colors might differ slightly. Your approach, the amount of paint used, and the surface type all play a significant role in achieving the final result. For the best application of the concrete look without much effort, feel free to contact our advisors for assistance.

Various types of Betonlook paint:

The Betonlook paint is available in 1-liter and 2.5-liter sizes. On average, each liter covers 17 to 22 square meters. The paint comes in 14 colors and is suitable for indoor use. It becomes scrubbable after 30 days. Any splatters can be cleaned immediately with water. If you have any questions or need personalized advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Get in touch with us without any obligation.

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