L’Authentique is the right producer for robust, yet elegant furniture made from the most beautiful sustainable materials.

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Come and discover the unique furniture of L’Authentique with your own eyes! We have beautiful examples in our showrooms for inspiration. Our dealers can tell you everything about our sustainable and handcrafted production method and give advice about a customized interior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I see the furniture in real life?

    We have a number of premium selected resellers in our network, which can be viewed on our website under the ‘sales points’ section. If you prefer to see all the furniture together, we warmly invite you to visit our showroom in Culemborg. There are also a few models available at our showroom in Echt. Feel free to email us for all the possibilities.

  2. How can I reach you?

    For inquiries, quote requests, advice, or comments, you can reach us at, or by filling out the contact form on our website. We strive to respond as promptly as possible. Have you visited our social channels yet? We also respond to messages there.

  3. I want to order a sofa, but I would actually prefer a less deep seat. Is that possible?

    Absolutely! As a brand, we offer a lot of customization. Our models come in standard dimensions that we believe provide the most comfortable seating. However, opinions on this can vary. Some prefer an active seat, while others favor a deep, soft seat. That’s why we offer the option to adjust the dimensions to create the perfect sofa for you. Feel free to request a quote, and we’ll explore together the best option for you.

  4. Can I also supply my own fabric for my order?

    As long as the fabric is suitable for furniture upholstery, it’s possible! We offer two 100% linen fabrics, but we understand that our customers sometimes opt for a different look, such as bouclé fabric. We frequently collaborate with brands like Designs of the Time, Belliny, Silvera, and LFTrading. If you still can’t find the right fabric among these, you can provide your own. We will then give you the delivery address. Once the fabric is received, we will proceed with your order!

  5. I have a complaint. Where can I go?

    We kindly request that you always reach out to the reseller where the purchase was made. Our aim is to deliver every paint can and piece of furniture in perfect condition. Despite our meticulous final inspection and the provided usage instructions, there may unfortunately be instances where an order has issues. The reseller where the purchase was made will handle your inquiries or complaints, and if necessary, they will contact us. We will then discuss and resolve any questions or complaints with the reseller.

  6. Can I decide when my furniture will be delivered?

    You have the flexibility to choose the delivery date for your furniture from the available options. After purchase, it typically takes ten to twelve weeks for your furniture to be delivered. A few weeks prior to delivery, you will receive an email from us requesting the final payment. Upon receipt of your final payment, we will schedule the transportation and send you an email link to arrange a delivery time. The driver will call you half an hour before delivery. If you are unable to be home on the scheduled date, you can send us an email to request a change in the furniture delivery date. Please notify us at least two working days in advance via email. If we are not informed in time, a charge of €60 will be applied for the delivery attempt.

  7. How long do I have to wait for my order?

    When you place a furniture order, you will receive it within 10-12 weeks, provided the fabric is in stock.

  8. Can I exchange or return my order after delivery?

    We do not keep furniture in stock. All our furniture is custom-made and produced on order. Therefore, it is not possible to exchange or return our goods.