Everything you need to know about lime paint.

Lime paint is a 100% mineral paint, composed primarily of slaked lime, water, and natural pigments. Lime paint is a breathable paint that prevents moisture or mold formation.

Is Lime Paint repaintable?

Lime paint can be repainted with Lime paint. If you choose to paint your walls with our Chalk Paint or Matte Wall Paint, you’ll need to make sure the walls are free of dust and grease and treat them with our Wall Primer. After drying, you can apply Chalk Paint or Matte Wall Paint in 2 coats.

How do I apply Lime Paint?

  1. Ensure that the walls are free of grease and dust.
  2. If the underlying surface is already painted with Lime paint, you can start painting with the newly chosen color of Lime paint.
  3. If the underlying surface is painted with regular wall paint or latex, apply a layer of wall primer first. This ensures proper adhesion and fixes the surface. Then, apply
  4. 1-2 layers of Lime paint using a lime brush.
  5. It is not possible to apply Lime paint with a roller or Airless system.

Is it really necessary to use a Wall Primer?

Unfortunately, Lime paint tends to seep through all previous paint layers. So, any patched holes with putty will show through after the Lime paint dries. While a small hole may not be a significant problem, what if the previous homeowner closed a window? The Wall Primer seals the underlying surface and ensures adhesion between the surface and the lime paint.

Is Lime Paint washable?

Lime paint has an open structure, making it, unfortunately, not washable. If you want to make the surface washable, you can use our matte Sealer. Dilute the sealer with water and apply it in 2-3 thin layers. The Sealer is commonly used on the backsplash behind the countertop and above the sink and bathtub.

What effects can I achieve with Lime Paint?

Lime reacts to water, so the more water you add to the Lime paint, the more pronounced the effect will be. Additionally, the application method also influences the final result. For an authentic effect, you can apply Lime paint in large, random strokes with a lime brush. If you prefer a more concrete-like effect, you can smooth the Lime paint with a trowel. Visit our website for instructional videos on Lime paint techniques.

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