Sofa Amber

With the available Amber elements, you can create your dream sofa. Rounded corners that curve inward or outward, straight pieces, and semi-circular or round end pieces, the possibilities are endless.

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End piece hemisphereSeat element straight Inside round cornerOutside round cornerEnd piece straightRound hocker
Dimensions W x D x H80cm x 110cm x 40cm 120cm x 110cm x 72cm230cm x 125cm x 72cm230cm x 125cm x 72cm110cm x 110cm x 40cm110cm x 110cm x 40cm
Seat height40cm40cm 40cm 40cm 40cm 40cm
Seat depth110cm 75cm75cm75cm110cm110cm
Seat width80cm120cm230cm 230cm 110cm110cm
Back heightn.a.30 cm 30 cm 30 cm n.a.n.a.
Leg height2cm 2cm 2cm 2cm 2cm 2cm
Meterage2,50m 5m 9,25m7,50m3m2,50m
Without fabric€1.854,00€2.657,00€3.870,00€3.870,00€1.997,00€2.280,00
In Linnen Fjord€2.104,00€3.156,00€4.794,00€4.619,00€2.297,00€2.530,00
In Linnen Nordic€2.179,00€3.307,00€5.072,00€4.845,00€2.387,00€2.605,00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices and exclude transport costs.
  • 40cm Seat height
  • 2cmLeg height