Sofa Sara

Introducing our Sara sofa, designed to be enjoyed from both sides, making it truly multifunctional. On one side, you can relish the scenic view outside, while on the other side, you can indulge in cozy TV watching or bask in the warmth of a fireplace or gas heater. And just imagine the fun and coziness it adds to parties… Can you envision it already?

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Armrest moduleSeat moduleHocker moduleLounge module
Dimensions B x D x H125cm x 95cm x 72cm100cm x 95cm x 72cm100cm x 95cm x 35cm100cm x 170cm x 72cm
Seat height35cm35cm35cm35cm
Seat depth70cm70cm95cm140cm
Seat width100cm100cm100cm105cm
Back height35cm35cmn.a.35cm
Price€ 2.205,00€ 1.815,00€ 1.046,00€ 2.722,00
Fabric group A€ 2.565,00€ 2.095,00€ 1.262,00€ 3.122,00
Fabric group B€ 2.925,00€ 2.375,00€ 1.478,00€ 3.522,00
Fabric group C€ 3.353,00€ 2.708,00€ 1.735,00€ 3.997,00
Fabric group D€ 3.488,00€ 2.813,00€ 1.816,00€ 4.147,00
Detachable Armrest (Short)Detachable Armrest (Lounge)Long Pillow
Dimensions25cm x 95cm x 72cm25cm x 170cm x 72cm95cm x 10cm x 25cm
Price€ 360,00€ 440,00€ 103,00
Fabric group A€ 500,00€ 640,00€ 175,00
Fabric group B€ 640,00€ 840,00€ 247,00
Fabric group C€ 807,00€ 1.078,00€ 333,00
Fabric group D€ 859,00€ 1.153,00€ 360,00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices and exclude transport costs.
  • 35cmSeat height
  • 100cmWidth