Sofa Sem

Our Sem sofa boasts a sleek design, yet its soft and deep seat warmly invites you to snuggle in. Sem is a modular sofa, allowing you to endlessly customize the arrangement by positioning the seat elements differently. Sem comes with fixed upholstery for added convenience.

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Armrest moduleSit moduleHocker moduleLounge module
Dimensions B x D x H125cm x 110cm x 72cm100cm x 110cm x 72cm100cm x 110cm x 36cm100cm x 190cm x 72cm
Seat height36cm36cm36cm36cm
Seat depth85cm85cm110cm165cm
Seat width100cm100cm100cm100cm
Arm height35cmn.v.t.n.v.t.n.v.t.
Back height36cm36cmn.v.t.36cm
Price€ 2.205,00€ 1.815,00€ 1.046,00€ 2.722,00
Fabric group A€ 2.645,00€ 2.111,00€ 1.286,00€ 3.106,00
Fabric group B€ 3.085,00€ 2.407,00€ 1.526,00€ 3.490,00
Fabric group C€ 3.608,00€ 2.759,00€ 1.811,00€ 3.946,00
Fabric group D€ 3.773,00€ 2.870,00€ 1.901,00€ 4.090,00
Loose rest (short)Loose rest (lounge)Sem long cushion
Dimension110cm x 72cm190cm x 72cm95cm x 10cm x 25cm
Meterage1,80 m2,80 m0,90 m
Price€ 380,00€ 630,00€ 103,00
Fabric group A€ 500,00€ 854,00€ 175,00
Fabric group B€ 668,00€ 1.078,00€ 247,00
Fabric group C€ 839,00€ 1.344,00€ 333,00
Fabric group D€ 893,00€ 1.428,00€ 360,00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices and exclude transport costs.
  • 36cmSeat height