Painting with optical illusion

Everyone dreams of a large country house with spacious high-ceilinged rooms and plenty of space. However, you don't necessarily have to live in a villa to make your home feel spacious. By cleverly applying colors, patterns, and (painting) techniques, you can achieve a similar effect.

In this article, we will provide you with 10 tips to make your home appear larger than it actually is.

  1. Opt for a unified look by painting all walls, ceilings, and doors in the same color. Let your furniture and accessories bring in the variation of hues.
  2. If you find a completely uniform color scheme too monotonous, consider extending a 15 cm wide line of the ceiling color down onto the walls.
  3. Another option is to wallpaper the ceiling or paint it in an accent color. This draws the eye upwards, creating an illusion of more space. However, be cautious not to make it too dark, as it could have the opposite effect.
  4. Utilize matte paint and lacquer, such as our L’Authentique chalk paint, matte wall paint, and water-based matte lacquer.
  5. Place a large mirror in your (living) room and position a pendant lamp in front of it. This will reflect the light around the room and create an airy atmosphere.
  6. Opt for light colors on your walls, as they enhance reflection and make the space appear larger. Preferably choose a light, cool pastel color, avoiding pure white as it can create excessive brightness and restlessness. On the contrary, dark colors make a room feel smaller and cozier.
  7. Paint your wooden or concrete floor in the same color as the walls using our L’Authentique floor paint. A light-colored floor reflects more light, contributing to the impression of a larger space.
  8. If your room has a sloping ceiling, paint it along with the walls and select a color of your choice for the horizontal part. As mentioned in tip 1, you can also choose to keep everything in the same color.
  9. Use lines strategically, just as we do in fashion. Apply horizontal lines in small rooms to create width, and use vertical line patterns in low rooms to make them appear taller. These lines can be incorporated through wallpaper patterns, the direction of laminate, or the use of accessories like cushions.
  10. Opt for larger accessories such as robust lamps, big furniture pieces, and sizable paintings or flower vases. This will give the impression of a more spacious environment. However, ensure that the arrangement doesn’t become too crowded. Also, consider “floating” furniture that hangs on the wall or stands on tall legs.

By implementing these tips, you can create an illusion of greater space and make your home feel more open and inviting.