Terra Walls


Before use, stir well. Remove loose paint layers. Clean old intact paint layers with a paint cleaner. Sand thoroughly and remove dust. Clean bare wood, prime, sand, and remove dust.


Stir well before use. The surface should be dry, structurally sound, non-absorbent, and clean. Remove any grease, loose old paint layers, and other contaminants completely. Treat highly absorbent surfaces with a primer, and fix powdery surfaces beforehand. After use, close the packaging tightly and store in a frost-free environment. Apply Terra Walls with a Lime Paint brush in a crosshatch pattern. After drying, a second coat can be applied if diluted with a maximum of 10% water.


The grain in Terra Walls creates a playful effect on the wall. Apply Terra Walls generously and avoid excessive smoothing. The application technique determines the final result.

  • Available in 7.5 and 15 kilograms
  • Suitable for interior use
  • Apply in 1 coat
  • Clean splatters and tools immediately with water
  • Application: with a lime brush

Tip: Newly plastered walls should be treated with a primer first.

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