Return Policy

Your choice, our care.

At L’Authentique, we strive to deliver exceptional quality and service. We understand that choosing the right paint is essential for creating the perfect atmosphere in your space.

Return Policy

Our paint is precisely mixed to order, ensuring that each customer receives a product tailored to them.

L’Authentique paint is unique because it does not contain preservatives. This means that once color paste is added to the paint and it comes into contact with oxygen, its shelf life is limited. Depending on various environmental factors, the paint’s shelf life can range from as little as two weeks to up to a year. This makes it impossible to accept returns for custom mixed paint.

Given the unique and personalized nature of our paint products, we are unable to accept returns for custom mixed paint. This policy helps us maintain the quality and exclusivity of our products.

Advice and Support

Our team is ready to provide advice and support in making the right choice. Before placing an order, we encourage you to make use of our color charts and samples. To ensure you select the right color, we recommend ordering a color tester first. This allows you to experience the color in your own environment, ensuring the final choice meets your expectations.

Contact and Customer Service

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further questions or advice regarding our products and services. Our customer service is always ready to assist and ensure your experience with L’Authentique goes smoothly.