Selling, packaging, and producing almost all products have an impact on the environment. Especially in the paint industry, it is crucial to consider the ecological consequences, as a significant amount of chemical materials are involved.

At L’Authentique, we are acutely aware of the importance of sustainability. As we grow, our commitment to being environmentally responsible grows even stronger. While complying with all applicable environmental laws, we also strive to contribute to a better world through various means. In this blog, we will explain why L’Authentique’s products are ecologically responsible.

Local production in energy-efficient facilities

Both our furniture and paint are proudly manufactured in the Netherlands, a conscious choice that fills us with pride. By doing so, we keep transportation costs low and reduce our environmental impact. Our production facilities are equipped with solar panels, which not only lower our electricity consumption but also decrease CO2 emissions.

Environmentally friendly raw materials

All our paint colors are achieved using natural pigments, and our Lime Paint is 100% mineral-based. When developing new products, we prioritize the quality of raw materials concerning their lifespan as well as their potential impact on humans, animals, and the environment.

Sustainable packaging

We minimize cardboard usage during box production to generate less waste. Our boxes, paint cans, buckets, and even the tape are made from 100% recycled materials. Additionally, we protect our paint shipments with Flo-Pak Green, fully biodegradable cushioning pellets that break down into non-toxic compost and water. Our dealers can return used pellets to us for recycling, and for every filled bag of Flo-Pak pellets we recycle, we make a donation to a chosen charitable cause.

Recyclable products

At L’Authentique, we are dedicated to reducing waste whenever possible. Any waste generated is diligently reused, and if not feasible, it is separated and sent to Renewi, our waste partner. They process these materials into high-quality secondary resources, guided by their motto, “Waste does not exist.”

By adopting these eco-friendly practices, L’Authentique is not only creating remarkable products but also playing its part in safeguarding the environment for a brighter and greener future.