Turn your home into your favorite vacation destination

With our Dutch climate, you'll often find yourself yearning for the vacation home where you've spent your most beautiful holidays. You can easily bring this feeling into your own home. In this blog, we'll show you how.

Tranquil Rustic

You don’t need to rent a vacation house or emigrate to experience the holiday vibe. With these simple tips, you can enjoy the vacation feeling all year round. The foundation starts with light colors. Think of light lime paint on the walls, combined with linen curtains. Blend this style with beautiful wood or natural materials like terracotta, marble, or sandstone.

If you have a wooden floor that you’ve grown tired of, painting it with a light color will create a very open and airy look. When the sun shines, your interior will brighten up. With L’Authentique Floor Paint, you can easily give your wooden floor a fresh new look.

Vibrant Vacation Feeling

Not only white and light shades bring the holiday vibe into your home. By using L’Authentique paint in a nude or soft terra tone, an authentic vacation feeling will emerge. You can also include existing cabinets that don’t fit into this style in your plan. No need to buy a new cabinet right away; with the right preparation, you can give an existing cabinet a fresh paint layer.

Small details complete the interior. Style your home with accessories, flowers, and plants that remind you of your favorite vacation destination. Add personal photos and souvenirs from your travels to give your home a soulful touch.